About Us

Scarlett Rose was founded in 2019 with a mission to introduce a New Way of Living through their Organic and hand-crafted herbal products.

A New Way of Living means you have peace of mind knowing you and your family are consuming all-natural organic products made with the best ingredients and with love.

This company is committed to providing natural alternatives for people who want healthy living without sacrificing quality or taste.

The company's founder, Stephanie Gary, created Scarlett Rose because she wanted her family to enjoy only the best quality products that were safe for them to use every day—and that could be mixed into existing recipes at home.

They believe that creating new traditions should be easy too! So they've come up with ways for families to make healthier versions of home remedies that help boost their immune systems.

Hello, my name is Stephanie Garay and welcome to my shop. I am thrilled you are here and here is my story how began my journey to alternative medicine. I hope you enjoy it. 

It all began when I broke my leg in 2012 where I was prescribed medicine that I knew would make me feel worse than how I actually felt, to the point that the medication had side effects that I refused to take. As I laid in my bed recovering from my injury and in agonizing pain that I began to research alternative medicine through different types of healing herbs and the more and more I would research, the more I would fall in love with the healing effect of herbs and wondered why we never knew a lot of them ever existed let along know how to use them to heal us in the most natural way.

As I started to recover from my illness, my love for herbalism grew. I dedicated my life to learning how I could use herbs to heal myself and my family. So my journey began, I was called the family holistic healer and everyone would always come to me for advice on how to treat a headache, a cold, sniffles, depression and so much more and fortunately, I was able to provide healing and comfort to my loved one via herbs and natural healing. 

fast forward, I am the owner of Scarlett Rose, an apothecary shop dedicated to creating alternative medicine. We create all of our alternatives from organic, handcrafted herbs and tinctures to help you and your family and welcome to a New Way of Living.